General Pediatric Clinic

NOV 05, 2016

Kids N Teens Child Speciality Clinics has a very child friendly environment. Some of the common medical conditions we treat on a day-to-day basis are:

Respiratory infections:

Respiratory infections are the commonest infections in children. They cause cough, cold, runny nose and fever. These are commonly caused by number of viruses and bacteria, which is transmitted through droplets in air. These infections are usually managed by supportive treatment for fever and cough. If bacterial infections are suspected, antibiotics are needed for 5-7 days. Always complete the course of antibiotics as advised by your doctor. Please do not take antibiotics without consulting your doctor.

Gastro-intestinal infections:

These infections are also very common and presents with vomiting and loose stools sometimes associated with mild fever. These are usually caused by many viruses and sometimes by bacteria and protozoal organisms. These infections are spread by contaminated water and food. Treatment is usually supportive and sometimes need antibiotics.


Asthma is common in children and can be easily treated with medications. For further information, follow this link (Kids N Teens Asthma clinic).


Passing hard stools with difficulty is called constipation. This is common in children and is due to inadequate fiber and fluids in the diet. This problem can improve by increasing fruits and vegetables in the diet and drinking more water. Despite this, if still no improvement, medications will be needed and can be easily treated.

Urinary tract infection (UTI):

Urine infections can cause fever, vomiting and pain while passing urine. If suspected, a urine sample for testing will be needed urgently and the patient will be started on antibiotics. Early identification and appropriate treatment is needed to prevent serious complications.